SmartPRO X8-PLUS was designed to be the most cost effective solution in supporting today¨s and tomorrow¨s device programming challenges. Provides very competitive price with excellent hardware design for reliable programming. Offer outstanding "value for money" in this class.

    SmartPRO X8-PLUS incorporates a high speed CPU, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, and powerful FPGA structure to meet programming challenges today and into the future.

    SmartPRO X8-PLUS combines ICP downloading with stand PC hosted operation for high speed, flexible programming of devices in design engineering and production applications.

    SmartPRO X8-PLUS present high-performance on NAND flash and CPLD/FPGA programming.

    SmartPRO X8-PLUS
    ergonomic design and software interface maximizes operator efficiency by combining speed and scalability in one system.